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9. GRAV Economics

The purpose of $GRAV is to create an economic incentive encouraging users to participate in all GRAVITON ZERO activities across our ecosystem. This is to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the game.
$GRAV has two main goals: Reward players for their participation in GRAVTON ZERO, incentivizing them to utilize $GRAV for transactions, thus creating an internal closed-loop ecosystem, and promoting Ownership and Governance of the game.
In the Graviton Zero Metaverse there will be multiple ways to mine and earn throughout the ecosystem, Mine on land you own with Graviton Extractors for passive income, Land will be owned as an NFT and in-game asset. To be able to mine from a planet you do not own you will require access to a space station, also released as NFT’s as an ownable In-game asset. In addition to this, there will be PVE Void missions and seasonal PVP rewards which can be completed to earn rewards like GRAV tokens, NFTS, upgrades, tournament tickets, and many more engaging/rewarding events. NFT staking will provide randomized rewards for its holders paid out on a weekly basis, expressed in GRAV tokens, other types of NFTs, LOOT chests, Ship Refuel tickets, tournament tickets and more.